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Christmas rest

Here’s my Christmas Gift to you – Advice. It’s not new advice I warrant, but it’s what I’ve got to offer.


Pause momentarily, actually for more than a moment.

Sit with your family over Christmas.

Enjoy some books, Enjoy some films, share stories. 

That’s it really.                                                                                                                    We’re so bound by our cultural chains to be busy, we’ve lost part of that reflection of God’s image that truly understands rest. One of the most attractive and necessary “freedoms” that Jesus came to give and still offers is that of Rest, or offering a light burden, and easy yoke.   The Protestant Work Ethic has many good things going for it, but it has also contributed to so many of us wasting our humanity in work. And the blurring of the line between home and work, that’s a line we need to re-draw, to restate, to bring back the sacredness of that time known as “not work”. And when we’re not working, we need to not be rushing around “doing”. Just dwell my friends, just sit. Yeah and surprise surprise stories help you do that. 🙂

I’m going to rest too, so I’ll be going quiet for a few weeks….Don’t worry, I haven’t died or anything. Just recharging my batteries, spending some time with people I love (Not that I don’t love YOU guys, I do *hugs*), pondering the awseomeness of God and seeking what He wants from me over the next year. And having some FUN!

But I’m not going to leave you as orphans over yuletide – Here are the films I’ll largely be spending time with and enjoying, which means they’re what I’ll probably be writing about early next year. I really do recommend spending some time with these amazing stories, see what you think, what you feel, what they speak to you.

Disney/Pixar’s Up.                                                                                                     Edward Scissorhands                                                                                                Oh Brother Where Art Thou                                                                              Singing in the Rain                                                                                           Calamity Jane                                                                                                         New Year’s Eve                                                                                                   Monty Python and the Holy Grail

And if Santa is nice…. Warhorse, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and the most recent Much Ado about Nothing

So use this break, this quiet season to sit back and reconnect with yourself, to experience stories of your past, stories of your hopes and future. And in the moments of quiet and rest, rest in old Friendships. Have a Blessed and restful Christmas!!