Showing what we believe – by loving the unlovely, by serving the lowly and by challenging the proud and the pious – maybe that would be a good ‘Statement of Faith.’ – Now that’s a wise man. Perhaps my statement of Faith wold be “Stumbling through the darkness toward a light I hope is there, but even if it isn’t I’m going to put everyone else before myself.” What do you think? Anyway, Give this piece a read and let the boy know how marvelous he is, well his words at least are marvelous. ^_^

Red Setter Christian

statement banner

“I believe I can flyyyyyyyyyyy! I believe I can touch the skyyyyyyyyyyyy …”

Sometimes it seems as though the church uses the idea of a Statement of Faith a bit like R Kelly’s lyric above.  If we shout it loud enough, it just might be true … or it’ll sound as though we actually believe it even if we’re not sure.

Part of what we’re doing in my home church is looking at what it means to be a member (or in our case a ‘partner’ or ‘friend’) of a church.  Inevitably, part of this process contained the church’s ‘Statement of Faith’ which I suppose could be construed as the ‘fine print’ of what we say we believe and practise.

Funnily enough, looking at our ‘Statement of Faith’ got me thinking …

You see, it’s fairly easy to look at a Statement of Faith – for example let’s use the…

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