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So on day 7 – a week in to lent. My Car broke down. Seriously broke down. Like engine seized, hundreds of pounds of fixing (that I don’t really have the money for) and having to use up annual leave instead of when I actually want to use it. Bleurgh! Double bleurgh because it meant I had to ring up the AA. I don’t like ‘phones. I mean I really don’t like them. I don’t know why. It’s simply that I find when I talk on the ‘phone to “officials” I tend to get wound up, stressed and end up shaking by the end of it. They put you under pressure to make a decision NOW! You have to know stuff – in this case, what road I was on…I don’t know, it’s the road to work, do I have to know the names and everything? I’m not Dating the Flipping road!! – you see the problem? 🙂

I think partly, it’s the fact that I desperately want the ‘phone to ring and for it to be one particular person, and my hope is built up for one milisecond….and it’s not them and I’m SO disappointed and sad, cos all I wanted was to hear their voice. But it’s not the poor call centre girl’s fault that she has rung instead of the person I wanted… is it now?! Hmmm?! No. So I guess I’d better suck it up and just talk to people on the ‘phone remembering that they’re people.  

Back to today, the AA ‘phone lady was very nice, despite me not having a clue what the road was….we got my location in the end through team work. And then through some sort of serendipity, it turned out that today’s ‘act’ was to call someone on the ‘phone you hadn’t for a while. This made me smile so much. Having had to speak to the AA lady meant I could ‘tick off’ today’s act as done, after all, I’ve not spoken to the AA for a very long time. Oh and plus I got to have a really cool conversation with the AA man as he towed my car home. So that was like bonus talking, connecting and passing on generosity. But the niggle in the back of my head said, nope girl, there’s someone who you know and love that you should call…. so I’m sat looking at my ‘phone, wondering whether this person wants to hear my voice, wants to get my call, wondering whether I’ll get that tone of voice (where I can’t read their face – another reason I’m not a fan of the ‘phone) that will let me know that my call is unwelcome. It might even be more than a tone of voice, it might be actual straight talking (this person is actually renowned for straight talking, one of the reasons I love ’em so) and a straightforward “get lost”. But hey, what’s love without risks, what’s community without jumping in….

The Jury is still out. and I’m still staring at the ‘phone. I’ll probably chicken out….. but you know what, either way, I know God still loves me, so that’s a pretty big something.  Oh and somehow the car will be sorted (Please God!)