A great Post and pretty much pinpointing why good stories are GOOD – because they start with character, not flashes and bangs. And here are two of my all time favourite characters, heroes to me both of them – Kara “Starbuck” Thrace from Battlestar Galactica (which I’m in the middle of another re-watch of) and of course Buffy Anne Summers. I’ll be putting a post about Buffy on soon after Lent (I have a couple of other posts that will come first), but this post here is an intro to the Slayer, the woman with real Girl Power. Great Piece of Writing.

The Popcorn Scoop

Interviewer: So, why do you write these strong female characters?
Joss Whedon: Because you’re still asking me that question.

To be perfectly honest, as much as I love Joss Whedon, I’ve never really liked his answer to that question. Now, in fairness, if you watch the video (and you should, because Whedon is awesome and literally nothing bad will happen to your day from watching him speak), the context is that Whedon is continually and obnoxiously asked this question, and so this response is sort of his final straw after many, many attempts at being more nuanced. But it’s this line that everyone remembers, and it’s never really sat all that well with me. I mean, it’s a fine answer, and it definitely speaks to something very problematic at the way we treat women in fiction, but what bothers me is the way that it ultimately politicizes female characters in…

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