Waiting for a Heaven like this...

Waiting for a Heaven like this…

Things I was thinking about on the commute to work this morning when I should have been thinking about Driving:

My Cariad – hope she has a great day….Why is this road bully driving so close to me *put breaks on* ; why do bullies think they can actually make people do what they want? Why do people give in to bullies?… Captain America floating through….

Fruits of The Spirit: Love, Joy, Peace; Patience, Kindness, Goodness; Faithfulness, Gentleness, Self-Control….Childhood song “Envy, Jealousy Malice and Pride, these must never in my heart abide”…What’s the difference between Envy and Jealousy anyway? Aren’t they the same thing?…. *Emptiness* … -Envy is wanting what someone else has, Jealousy is not being willing to share what we have – according to my Wednesday morning brain…. Pride is a pretty insidious thing isn’t it? I mean, how can you really not be prideful today? Oh for goodness sake!….What is true Faithfulness? Something beautiful.

Do I have enough Golden Syrup to make the Flapjacks for Saturday?… Do I have enough card for Messy Church on Saturday?….Wonder what My Cariad is doing on Saturday….. Going to be a lovely day today?…reflecting on some of Munich that I watched last night leading to… The Arabian nights, A great construct for the discussion of the power of story, Schehezerade is the queen of storytellers, where story literally saves her life. It does more than that for all of us, it drives and forms and enfolds us. The outworking of our fears and ideas and….what a beautiful day….How on earth do people reach adulthood and still don’t know the difference between you’re and your?? I mean… You learn it in Primary school! And Why do people find “Potential” so hard to spell? There’s NO “R” in it…in any of the positions you’ve put it.

And Jesus said he understood all our worries….but he didn’t have to worry about Mortgages or getting to work on time, or people trying to force you to go faster than the legally mandated speed limit or Football…Why are men so obsessed with Football? Why not a real man’s sport? Rugby, Ice Hockey…Shinty, now that’s a sport….. And Jesus, he was fine because he had those women to support him (yes, REAL men are okay with women financially supporting them!), I wish someone would pay me to just wander about and tell stories….. Is that really all he did? Is it? But the story of him was more than wanderings and payments and stories about sheep, it was one where a man put himself in second place, who practiced playing second fiddle, who gave himself utterly, and told stories about Justice but didn’t just leave it there, he then brought justice. He acted out the stories he told in the lives of the everyday people He encountered.

And finally I see Pendle Hill looking glorious….which brings me back to my Cariad, who shared a beautiful walk on just such a beautiful day…as it does every day when I see it, even when it’s behind a cloud. For whether you see it or not, you know it’s still there, rather like true friendship, which is there whether you acknowledge it or not, which sits behind clouds on some days and is glorious on others. So Friendship waits, Jesus waits, …I wait.

Be good friends who love deeply; practice playing second fiddle. Romans 12:10