Wow! This guy is just brilliant – like “reaching into your brain and reading your thoughts then tumbling them out 20 times better than you ever could have” brilliant! This is totally and utterly RIGHT on the button.

Red Setter Christian


My experience suggests we rush past certain parts of the Easter story – we hustle past the barbarism and betrayals of Good Friday, and hurtle towards an empty tomb that proclaims that our hope lives once more.

We spend as little time as possible contemplating the day between … Bad Saturday.

The first Bad Saturday was where the disciples found out some harsh truths about themselves, their characters, and their cowardice.  Bad Saturday is the day when those first disciples faced the fact they’d run away, they’d abandoned the one they’d pledged to follow, that their leader, their inspiration, their hope had been dashed against the brutality of the cross.  Bad Saturday was where their dreams and belief in him had been shattered along with his tortured and battered body; belief dying in its infancy, even before they’d really learned its full extent.

For them, despite the fact that Jesus…

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