Just another Day

It was just another day when he came.
Folk all around continuing their daily lives;
Shepherds at work on the hills,
Inkeepers selling out rooms,
Priests with their heads in the law,
Administrators, Tax Collectors, Soldiers – All passing their day, just another day in their lives.

And now…
It’s just another day.
Another day of thinking how far the next pay cheque will last.
Another day of wondering what might break down next.
Another day of endless “no”.

Another day of being more than half an Orphan.
Another day of heart break without a soulmate
Another day of watching community happen to other people
Another day of cold, and cleaning, and cancer, and, and, and.

The baby wakes. The baby smiles. The baby knows me. The man knows me. The Divine. Knows. Me.

The Divine who is my shepherd – but one who does not leave me alone on the hill.
The Divine who keeps a place in his Inn, just for me.
The Divine who uses his Priesthood to put down the law, look into my eyes and smile with Love.
The Divine who does the same for Administrators, Tax Collectors and Soldiers.

The Divine who for three years didn’t even have a pay cheque.
The Divine whose earthly father had given him the skills to fix almost any of the things that might break down next.
The Divine who faced the endless “no”.

The Divine who ensured his Mother was cared for because he knows their true value.
The Divine whose heart broke at the thought his soulmates would abandon Him.
The Divine who embodies Community.

Oh yes, just another day.
Another day of invitation from sisters of another mother.
Another day of food shared: Bought together, Prepared together, Eaten together.
Another day of real smiles, of true celebration, of people admitting need.
Another day of creating community together.
Another day of Jokes, discussions, embraces, Joy and Peace and Hope and, and, and.