We, all of us have the potential to be the ones who are now terrified for their lives.  We,  all of us have the potential to be the ones tightening the noose. We, all of us have the potential to be the one who faces the monster & stands between it & its prey.

And I choose this.

I am Daniel Blake.

I am the “witches” of Pendle.  I am the Levellers.  I am the murdered daughters of Boudicca,  I am St Catherine,  I am Thomas Becket.  I am the children of Jerusalem; Christian, Jewish,  Muslim,  whose throats were slashed & whose blood flowed so deep it reached the knees of the horses that the Crusaders rode to “liberate”  the Holy City – the city of Peace.

I am a suffragette,  I’m a chartist, I’m a Tolpuddle Martyr.  I died at Peterloo,  faced a tank in Tiannamen and lost my heart at Wounded Knee. I have fallen to Rippers & Stranglers.  I was sanctioned,  lynched, raped and relentlessly dehumanised. I ate breakfast in gulags, was cleared from the Highlands and had my clitoris cut to control my sexuality.  I am Pulse, I am Masada, I am the sacred groves of Ynys Mon.

I am alone.

I am not alone.

I am Arthur,  bear of Britain.  I am Hereward the Wake & Robin Hood.  I am Rosa Parks.  I am the Levellers & I am the Anabaptists.  I am Kamala Khan & Carol Danvers.  I am Spartacus.

I am Salt & Light.  I am good news for the poor,  freedom for the prisoners,  sight for the blind and freedom for the oppressed.

I am Wonder Woman, Woman of Valour, Eshet Chayil. And it’s time to suit up.