Here’s a bit of an abstract piece, part poem, part random ramble. Inspired by a long road trip to Dundee. Enjoy.


When we choose Cruise Control we choose convenience over responsibility. We swap self-control for sloth. We give ourselves no margins, no gentleness, no preparation.

We give ourselves the illusion that we are resting, but instead are bound by the need for speed to rush from one activity to the next. We don’t stop to smell the roses, we don’t give ourselves time to react to others distress or joy and we don’t achieve anything but getting to the place that will exhaust us quicker.

We drive along at that constant speed, “resting” our feet but risking our rest. Where manually slowing down would mean simply lifting a foot and gradually reducing that speed, the gradual change in momentum not affecting a passenger’s equilibrium, the car in front not being bullied by our inexorable approach – Cruise Control means a sudden slow, leaving it to the last minute, heart stopping moments for passengers and other road user’s alike.

But honestly, what’s the rush?

Why the desire to give up control of this metal box of death you are responsible for?

Choose real rest. Choose Self Control. Choose lots of stops. Choose noticing others. Choose sharing ourselves. Choose Gratitude. Choose…