An ABC of Devotion

An ABC of Devotion.

At the foot of the cross

Between my joy and all my fears,

Crowding me in is that unutterable Grace.

Drowning my failings in Mercy

Everything I am I owe to Him,

Faithfully he came for me when I was Lost.

Giving to me his life, his vitality, his love.

Hell was my destination until I heard his voice.

I heard that voice across the barren desert of my selfishness and

Joining my voice to his, I sung the melody which

Kept me from Destruction.

Love is the thing I see hanging on that tree,

Murder is the crime we all committed, but

Never again will he die, never again will he be humiliated.

Over sin and death and evil he has conquered.

Power is now his alone and he is the King.

Quietly we listen to the still small voice, nudging us in the

Ribs, he shows us the way to go.

Simple is the claim of the cross and I hold onto it strongly.

Trying hard can never make it, we are too diseased for that.

Unholy and sinful but for him.

Vulnerable and lonely, except within the family of God.

We become Instruments of His Grace.

eXceptional people are we,

Yet he deserves all the credit and without him and his saving Grace and Mercy we become a big fat



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