Very lovely post – an honest and very truthful account of grief – I empathise and totally connect with what is written. Also a brilliant example of how integral story and films are to our lives. I too thought of this film when I hear Of Harold Ramis’ passing. He was a great poet and storyteller and I have a great amount of affection for this film. Read on and learn.

“What would you do if you were stuck in one place
and every day was exactly the same,
and nothing that you did mattered?”
– Phil Connors, Groundhog Day

Days after E. died, I moved into a new apartment, one I’d been waiting for for months. It was a place he’d never seen, the top floor of an 18th-century warehouse with vaulted ceilings and only a handful of windows punched through the brick walls. On the ground floor was the shop where I’d worked for several years; some days, I only had to leave the building for the seven steps from my front door to the shop’s front door.

After my beloved friends helped me move, I fed them, and then they left. I was alone in a new apartment. It was full of boxes and clutter and furniture all at off angles, waiting for me to figure out where…

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