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I'll never leave youMy fellow 40 acts challengers and I have been fairly busy of late, just being generous, and last week being a bit silly – but then isn’t silliness an infectious and blessed kind of generosity that gives something more than “stuff”.

For me, that’s what this generosity thing has really been about. Yes, it’s been great to “go guerilla” on friends and neighbours, to give gifts and flowers (I’m not a flower person, don’t enjoy getting them – but it’s quite nice to give ’em). To bake for friends, to share walks and drinks, to donate to charities – ye, sharing our “stuff” is part of bringing good news, of sharing God’s Kingdom and bringing His Peace. But if we only ever share our “stuff” we’ve only gone half way.

Giving our time, our warmth, our smiles, our encouragement- these are the things that bring the heart of the kingdom into our communities. Monday’s act of sharing Bible Verses seemed odd at first, but what better way to bless and encourage others than to share your own blessings, to share the stories of how God’s words have penetrated and healed your heart, to share the stories of how God’s word has made you smile and weep, to simply share God’s word.  The verse I shared on Twitter was Hebrews 13 v 5 – I will never Leave you nor forsake you.  I’m also rather partial to Psalm 91 – especially where God says no disaster shall come to your tent (Funny story – When I was up a mountain in the rain and cold with some friends, we read this psalm and were really happy that our tent would be ok. Next morning, we were indeed all dry and hunky dory; the guys in the tent next door however, had a river running through their tent, which was carrying their beer away – God has a fantastic sense of humour!)

And now as we head into the last days of Lent, start to focus on Easter week, it would be easy to let some of our generosity go back into its box, but this is in fact the time to let it loose. To let it overwhelm and even unbalance us – for to focus on that most generous of acts, Jesus hanging on that piece of wood, our greatest honouring of that act would be to share its spirit. To let those around us know the same kindness, gentleness and faithfulness that we have known at the hands of our dearest friend.

So, I’m gonna keep on keeping on with these “crazy” acts, I’m going to keep trying to ignore that discomfort that comes with talking to strangers, keep asking friends to share my life (and cakes), keep doing the same over and over, so that people might finally get the message, so that YOU might get the message – YOU are LOVED!